Maple Pepper Trout Bites
Maple Pepper Trout Bites

Maple Pepper Trout Bites Default Title

Trout bites, crafted from the trimmings of our premium fillets, are hot-smoked and seasoned with black pepper and maple syrup. Savor our delightfully sweet and peppery “trout jerky” — Perfect for snacking outdoors or serving as an appetizer!"
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4 oz (113grams)

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Maple Pepper Trout Bites Default Title

Ingredients & Nutrition

Our Trout Bites are made using our premium fresh Steelhead trout fillets, grown and harvested in our state of the art recirculating aquaculture system.

No added hormones or antibiotics, and free of mercury, artificial dyes and microplastics.

Steelhead Trout, Salt, Brown Sugar, Applewood Smoked, Maple Syrup, Black Pepper


Storing & Serving

Storing Instructions

- Must be kept at 38 degrees F or below.
- Unopened, this product is good in the fridge for up to 30 days.
- Once opened, this product should be consumed within 5 days.
- This product can also be frozen for up to 6 months.

Serving Suggestions

For best taste, we suggest removing package from fridge and letting it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.


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We are located in Hudson, NY, a couple of hours north of New York City.

Currently, we only offer Steelhead trout. However, we offer a variety of Steelhead products, including whole fish (cleaned & gutted), fresh fillets, cold-smoked, hot-smoked and more coming soon!

We use what's called Recirculating Aquaculture. It's a farm system located in-land, where we control the environment our fish live in. This allows us to provide our Steelhead with the perfect conditions to grow happy and healthy, as well as our customers with the best quality possible. In additition, we grow, harvest and process our fish all on-site and deliver directly to our customers' door -- this means a much smaller and efficient supply chain than most of the seafood found in grocery stores. Our Steelhead trout is 100% traceable from egg to plate, with a fraction of the carbon emissions compared to imported seafood.

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) have several advantages over more traditional fish farming methods. Our inland biosecure facility keeps our fish in and predators and diseases out, meaning there’s no escapes from our farm and no interactions between our fish and native wildlife. Our isolation also means that we don’t need antibiotics or hormones to make our fish grow healthy and strong. We treat and reuse our water, meaning less discharge and less impact on the environment.  Another advantage of RAS is the ability to locate systems close to major food markets, meaning a quicker time to market and a smaller carbon footprint compared to offshore farms and fishing boats.

We are proud to be 4 star BAP certified. BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) is the only aquaculture certification program that certifies every step of the production chain, from hatchery, to feed mill, to farm and finally processing. BAP's standards are built on 4 main pillars, with traceability as its foundation. The 4 pillars include environmental responsibility, animal health & welfare, food safety, and social accountability. Our priority is to ensure health and safety for our fish, our community, our customers and our environment. Each year, BAP audits our operation to maintain this high standard of responsibility.

You can find us at several farmers markets - here are our locations and market days. New markets might be added based on the season. In addition, we offer home deliveries nationwide with free local shipping (200 miles from Hudson) on orders of $65 or more after discounts are applied.

Our Fish

Our fish are not wild-caught but also not farmed traditionally. We use something called a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) - it's a land-based, closed and controlled system where we grow our fish away from our oceans. This means it is never exposed to diseases and pollutants from the wild, allowing us to grow our fish without antibiotics or hormones, which is often the case with net-pen farming.

Working closely with our BAP certified feed supplier, we strive to ensure our fish are fed a wholesome diet free from antibiotics, hormones, and nonnutritive fillers. That means there is never any
feather-meal, corn, or soy in our feed. We source fish meal and fish oil from responsibly managed fisheries and use the all-natural antioxidant (astaxanthin) which also gives wild salmon its wonderful red color. 

Yes! Our Steelhead trout is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential nutrients for human health which the body cannot produce by itself, meaning it must be obtained from food. One 4oz serving of our Steelhead fillets contains 900mg of omega-3s, providing adults with half of the recommended weekly serving of omega-3s.

We never use hormones or antibiotics on our fish. Because they live away from the oceans, they are never exposed to diseases or pollutants, allowing us to raise them in a healthy environment without the need to treat them.

Steelhead trout are cousins of salmon, with a similar color and flavor profile, but differ in their basic species classification. Both fish belong to the family of salmonids, but steelheads are a trout species, not a salmon species.

Steelhead trout have a similar flavor profile to salmon but with a more mild, less fishy taste. In addition, it's less fatty than salmon, with a flaky texture that melts in your mouth!

Our fillets and whole fish are all fresh from our weekly harvest, never frozen. When you place an order with us, you recieve the freshest fish possible, harvested, processed and packed all on-site at our farm in Hudson, NY.

Fresh fillets & whole fish: 14 days from the harvest date listed on the packaging, 6 months in the freezer (in its packaging).

Smoked products: 30 days in the fridge unopened. Once opened, 4-5 days in the fridge. 6 months in the freezer (in its packaging).


Yes! We offer delivery directly to your door via UPS. You can browse our products available for shipping here.

Yes - we ship nationwide. Shipping is free on orders of $65 or more (after discounts are applied) and delivered within 200 miles of Hudson, NY. Outside of this local delivery zone, shipping rates vary based on your location and are calculated at checkout.

Orders ship out Monday - Thursday for next-day delivery nationwide. Our delivery days are Tuesday - Friday. So, if you place your order for delivery on a Wednesday, we will pack it and ship it out on Tuesday.

Because we harvest fish and need enough time to prep each shipment, your order must placed by 12PM the day before you want it delivered.

We offer free local shipping on orders over $65 (after discounts are applied) and delivered within 200 miles of Hudson, NY. Orders under $65 within a 200 mile radius of Hudson are charged $22 for shipping. Outside of the local delivery range, shipping fees will be charged based on distance, weight and handling.

All orders are packed in an insulated box with cooling gel packs and delivered within 24 hours of shipping. In addition, orders with fresh product contain a temperature indicator to ensure no temperature breach occurs during transit. If the little window on your temperature indicator arrives fully blue, please email us at - we will send a replacement at no cost right away.

Paper Tape: Hudson Valley Fisheries uses paper tape which is recyclable, biodegradable, repulpable and non-toxic. To recycle, remove the tape from the outside of the cardboard box and compost or recycle it in your curbside bin.

Cardboard Box and Insulated Liner: Our boxes are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials and the inner insulation is made from recycled paperboard. To recycle, break down the box and liner so that they lay flat and place them in your curbside recycling bin.

Gel Packs: Our gel packs are a #4 plastic. To recycle, simply cut the pack open over the sink and pour the biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic contents down the drain. Give the bag a quick rinse and recycle the plastic at a drop-off location that accepts #4 plastic bags.

Our team works hard to make sure you recieve your order in perfect condition. However, if for any reason your order is delayed or your temperature indicator shows that a breach in temperature has occured, please reach out to us at and we will either refund your purchase or send another order at no additional cost and at your earliest conveninence.

Yes! We offer a subscription program with 10% off your total order. You can select your preferred delivery frequency (one to four times a month) and your product selection. To begin a subscription, select subscription order to all of the products you wish to include and specify how often you'd like to recieve deliveries. You will be prompted to create an account before reaching checkout, which will give you access to your order history and let you make any changes to your subscription.

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