FAQ: Shipping, Subscription and Refund Policy


1. When's the latest I can make an order for next day delivery?

Your order must be placed by noon the day before you want it delivered to ensure timely arrival. We harvest fish to order and need sufficient time to prep each shipment. 

2. How much does shipping cost

All orders over $50 and requiring local delivery are eligible for free shipping.  Purchases under $50 or outside the local delivery range will be charged based on distance, weight and handling. Local delivery includes orders within a 200-mile radius of our farm in Hudson, New York. 

3. How often do I receive fish in the Subscription Program?

You can elect to be shipped fresh steelhead one to four times per month. You will automatically be sent your recurring order and charged to the credit card on file each day your fish is shipped. Free shipping remains eligible for recurring orders over $50.

4. How do I cancel or make changes to my subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account, automatically created upon your first order. If you have not made an account, please email or call us for any changes to your subscription. We can easily make changes from our end. 

5. What is the refund policy

Our steelhead is delivered to you just days after being in the water. We strive to deliver the freshest fish in a timely manner. If, for any reason, there is an issue with your timely delivery we will refund you purchase and give you a fillet on us!

6. My fish is smaller than what I ordered, will you help me?

While this can happen, it only happens rarely. We track exact weights of the fish we send you. If your fish is less than the weight you ordered, please let us know and we will immediately refund the difference.




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