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Our Mission
To grow a healthy & delicious fish locally

At Hudson Valley Fisheries, we raise Steelhead trout in a land-based, closed and controlled environment in order to offer our customers a clean, fresh and environmentally friendly fish.

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artificial dyes


Our Commitments

We are committed to running a clean and responsible operation in order to offer a healthy and nutritious product to our customers while minimizing our environmental impact. By focusing on a local supply chain, we are able to deliver the freshest fish available from our weekly harvests and keep a low carbon footprint. Our industry certifications hold us accountable to ensure our practices are safe, sustainable and ethical for the environment, our fish and our community. We are proud to be NY State Grown & Certified, 4-star certified by Best Aquaculture Practices, and rated Best Choice by Monterey Seafood Watch.

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Steelhead Trout RecipesView all

Crispy Steelhead Trout Croquettes
30 Min Medium   |   10 Croquettes
Crispy Steelhead Trout Croquettes
Lemonish Trout Dip
20-30 min Easy   |   4 cups
Lemonish Trout Dip
This smoked trout dip recipe is so easy to make, and it’s packed with fresh herbs,
lemon, and tangy sour cream.
Miso Honey Trout Sushi Bake Handrolls
40 Min Medium   |   4-6 Servings
Miso Honey Trout Sushi Bake Handrolls
Delicious & wonderfully creative hand rolls using our ground trout.
Simple, Elegant Steelhead Crudo
30 min Easy   |   3 Servings
Simple, Elegant Steelhead Crudo
Adorn your steelhead with a zesty citrus and vinegar marinade, fresh crunchy snap peas, and a hint of herbal brightness. 
Smoked Trout BLT
30 min Easy   |   4 Servings
Smoked Trout BLT
A quick & easy lunch recipe ft. HVF hot smoked trout.
Maple Sugar and Dill Cured Steelhead Trout
1 hour (3 days) Easy   |   6 Servings
Maple Sugar and Dill Cured Steelhead Trout
"Meltingly tender, proudly dill-y and just barely sweet," this cured steelhead trout recipe was created by our friend and collaborator Vilda Gonzalez. 

Our Community: Chefs & Restaurants

We are proud to be featured on the menu of some of the best restaurants in New York and to partner with incredible chefs who share our vision of sourcing locally and responsibly.

Our Community: Singapore Airlines

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Singapore Airlines on their Farm-to-Plane program in order to offer passengers flying from NY airports a super local, fresh and healthy seafood option on their flight.

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