We take our claims seriously.

NY Steelhead is a premium fish loaded with abundant Omega-3s that is 100% traceable.

It contains no mercury, artificial dyes or micro-plastics. We do not use vaccines or antibiotics. Rest assured, this is the healthiest fish you can buy. And it’s never been frozen.

The best part is that we deliver our fresh, never frozen Steelhead directly to your door.

About Steelhead Trout

Steelhead are anadromous rainbow trout native to the West Coast. Our fish are beautiful and have a rich, bright orange color. Don’t worry, our fish are 100% clean and we never use dyes to get that color. The bright orange color is directly from the natural carotene and antioxidants in their diet. BUY NOW

Steelhead vs. Salmon

Steelhead trout is a cousin of salmon with a super clean, mild flavor that has no fishy aftertaste or aroma and full of healthy Omega - 3's. It is lighter, less oily and has a slightly firmer flake and texture leading it to be a great pairing to any dish ranging in uses from serving raw to baking, searing or grilling. BUY NOW

How does delivery work?

Being local allows us to deliver a fresh, never frozen fish directly to your door. We offer free shipping for any purchase over $50 (after discount) within 150 miles of Hudson, NY.


Your order is prepared specifically for you and packaged fresh, never frozen.


We carefully package your fish with cooling gel packs using recyclable and biodegradable materials.


Your order arrives fresh within 24-hours of shipping to your door step. It’s that easy.

Our Story

Hudson Valley Fisheries is inspired by our commitment to food security and environmental stewardship.

Our mission is to develop a local model for sustainable aquaculture that protects wild fish populations and raises the healthiest fish without the use of antibiotics, vaccines or pesticides.

Our fish are not contaminated with mercury, micro-plastics and other heavy metals. Our recirculating technology (RAS) continuously converts the fish waste into organic fertilizer then filters the water back into its system. The close proximity to your home reduces the time and carbon emissions that it takes to get our fish to your fridge. Local aquaculture allows you to enjoy fresher fish all year-round with a small carbon footprint.


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With every purchase of our Valentine's Day Kit, a care package is donated to an Albany Med Frontline Caregiver.


Preorder and pickup at any of our Farmers Market locations

You can now preorder your steelhead and pick up at the farmers market. Please choose your market at check out.

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