"Trout is the New Salmon: Hudson-Based Fishery Champions Sustainable New York Steelhead"

Chronogram - Anne Pyburn Craig

The market demand for trout and salmon has wreaked havoc on global aquatic ecosystems, but entrepreneur John Ng is aiming to stem the tide of damage and supply East Coast seafood markets with a sustainable, locally grown salmon alternative: New York Steelhead trout, raised humanely at a facility outside Hudson, NY.

Steelhead is a type of rainbow trout beloved by chefs for the versatility and mouthfeel of its creamy, mild coral-colored meat, which is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, and minerals. Native to Pacific Northwestern waters, their wild population has dropped dangerously over the past century, part of a global overfishing and habitat crisis. Efforts to replace wild-caught with net-cage farmed fish on the plate have resulted in unforeseen environmental nightmares.

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