A Holiday Spectacular You Won't Want to Miss

A Holiday Spectacular You Won't Want to Miss

Front Burner, November 15th, 2021 - Florence Fabricant

This steelhead trout gift assortment from Hudson Valley Fisheries will take you through the snacking season.

By the looks of it you’d think salmon, but it’s all steelhead. The large, pinkish orange-fleshed trout is farmed upstate by Hudson Valley Fisheries in Hudson, N.Y. For the holiday season the company has assembled a gift assortment with several iterations of the fish: cold-smoked “lox” style (four ounces) that’s not as salty as traditional New York lox; a richly succulent hot smoked fillet (eight ounces); and creamy rillettes (eight ounces) that benefit from the addition of a little sour cream. Moxie Ridge Farm’s Dream Cheese (eight ounces), a spreadable goat cheese; wheaty crackers; and a spreader are also included. It can be ordered through Dec. 28.
Trout Lovers Holiday Kit, $65 including shipping within 150 miles of Hudson, N.Y.,
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