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Hudson Valley Seafood Becomes More Sustainable

Hudson Valley Magazine- Jolie Wasserman

As part of New York State’s Grown & Certified program, Hudson Valley Fisheries prioritizes environmental standards with its land-based steelhead trout production.

In May of 2019, socially conscious seafood lovers finally got the news they had been waiting for: Seafood producers — including Hudson Valley Fisheries — joined the ranks of New York State’s Grown & Certified program.

The program promotes those farmers and producers who comply with both environmental and food-safety standards, and labels local products with seals that help consumers easily identify products as sustainable and locally sourced.

Of the 22 participating seafood producers, Hudson Valley Fisheries is the only seafood producer located outside of Suffolk County. The Hudson-based company is the largest land-based steelhead trout recirculating aquaculture system in North America. A species of salmonid, steelhead has recently become a popular alternative to salmon, whose wild populations are overfished. Both salmon and steelhead trout contain similar amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, but steelhead contains fewer calories, less saturated fat, and increased amounts of vitamin B.

“Land-based aquaculture is the answer to our rapidly eroding wild fish populations and ecosystems,” says John Ng, CEO at Hudson Valley Fisheries. “[Our location] enables us to maintain a small carbon footprint in terms of Northeastern delivery, to leverage sophisticated restaurant relationships where chefs care deeply about sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients and to be a part of the New York State Grown and Certified [program].”

Hudson Valley Fisheries is the first aquaculture farm to receive the NYS Grown & Certified seal. Through its website, the company offers weekly and monthly subscriptions along with single purchases of steelhead in various filet sizes and cold-smoked steelhead. In terms of physical locations, it retails throughout the Hudson Valley at locations like DeCicco & Sons, Otto’s Market in Germantown, and Gadaleto’s Seafood in New Paltz. It’s also has a presence at weekend farmers’ markets in both Chappaqua and Hastings.

As for restaurants, Hudson Valley eateries like Dixon Roadside in Woodstock, Jack’s Oyster House in Albany, Jessie’s Harvest House in Tannersville, Local 111 in Philmont, Scribner’s Lodge in Hunter, Silvia’s in Woodstock, Troutbeck in Amenia, and Wm. Farmer & Sons in Hudson all carry Hudson Valley Fisheries products.